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Klay Thompson's Dad — Dating Advice To Klay … Should He Date a Kardashian? (VIDEO)

By / Published on Thursday, 24 Mar 2016 20:57 PM / No Comments / 64 views


Klay Thompson‘s father has some solid dating advice for his superstar son — find a “good girl” — so we had to ask if the famously single Kourtney Kardashian falls into that category.

Klay’s been linked to some beautiful women (see here and here) … but when we saw his NBA champion father Mychal out this week, we wanted to know if dad wants to see his son settle down. 

The short answer … yes … but only with the right woman. 

So, would dad support a Kardashian, Thompson coupling? Check out the video. 

PS, Klay has all the qualities the Kardashians look for — he’s rich, he’s black and his first name starts with a K. 

Then again, so did Kris Humphries …  

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